Taking care of curly hair

Managing curly hair

Do you have thick, curly hair and aren’t satisfied with the products you’re using and the results you get? This blog is for you, curly-haired ladies, often misunderstood and poorly informed: we want to take care of the crown you never take off. 


We use the term “curly hair” to describe different types of hair which need different products. What does your daily routine need to look like to enhance the shape and texture of your wavy, curly or ringlet hair and what are the most suitable products for your hair.

3 Top Tips

  1. Only dry your hair using a diffuser
  2. Don’t brush your hair when it’s dry
  3. Don’t use generic hair products, use products formulated specifically for curly hair

The key is to HYDRATE & NOURISH: conditioners and masks should be part of your weekly routine in addition to specific sprays and styling products but be sure to avoid alcohol-based products.

Choosing the right product based on the type of curly hair is no easy task, see our recommendations below of some of our salon quality formulations. 

For soft curls or for ladies who want to obtain a natural style, a light product such as INSIGHT Styling Oil non-Oil is the ideal solution. Thanks to its medium hold, it helps to define and shape the hair as well as to eliminate frizz. 

Medium or thick curly hair, however, requires a cream-based product: In this case, INSIGHT Styling shaping cream is definitely the best choice if you’re looking for a long-lasting product with a stronghold, to sculpt and define curls. Over the next few days after you’ve applied this amazing product, all you need to do is moisten your hair with your hands to magically reactivate the product’s modelling effect. 

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